Accidents that happen because someone slips and falls are called premises liability accidents. In accidents like these, the fall was caused due to a dangerous or defective property, either inside a building or outside on property grounds. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere there is unsafe property:

  • Public property – parks, buses, streets, sidewalks
  • Commercial property – malls, stores, parking lots, office buildings
  • Private residences – homes or apartments
  • Nonprofit buildings – churches, mosques, synagogues, ashrams, monasteries

Slip and Fall Accidents on Broken, Cracked, Slippery, or Otherwise Dangerous Surfaces

Inside home and buildings, dangerous or defective flooring can easily contribute to a person falling and seriously injuring himself. A person can easily trip and fall if his foot catches a broken tile or cracked or torn linoleum. Carpet that was not installed properly, or that has a gap can also lead to a dangerous fall. Slippery floors, especially in grocery stores pose another hazard if the area is not marked off with warning signs.

Outside, cracked pavement or asphalt, defective ramps or decks, and other poorly maintained property could also contribute to a person’s falling and suffering injuries.

The property in question must have been negligently maintained. This means that the owner or manager knew of the danger but did nothing to fix it or warn people about it. If you have suffered a broken bone or other serious injury because you fell as a result of someone else’s carelessness, you may have a legal basis to file a premises liability claim.

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