I received a call from a person who had this question:   “I’m on probation.  I have had this PO before, and we don’t get along.  Any difference between us ends up with me going to jail.  We don’t get along, and I swear, he has it out for me.”

My basic advice:  “Fly low — underneath the radar.”   That is, don’t do anything to make the PO see YOU as the problem.  Keep a low profile.  POs have a lot of cases. They don’t want problems, especially minor ones.   Hate to say, but it is time for you to just suck it in and accept the PO’s authority.  One obvious thing to do is to never be late for an appointment.  Keep notes if you think that may help.

If the problem persists, please call me and we’ll meet in my office and go over your entire situation.