Variety of Factors Contribute to Risk of Injury in Motor Vehicle Accidents

A recent report released by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation indicates that many different factors affect your likelihood of injury in a motor vehicle accident. For example, more than half of all car crashes in Pennsylvania occur in one of ten counties. In addition, while drunk drivers do cause many car accidents, excessive speed was the primary factor in more collisions that drunk driving, distracted driving and illegal passing combined.

Understanding Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

Here are some of the key findings by the DOT:

  • Nearly two out of every three accidents is on one of the Interstate highways running through the state
  • Less than one in four could be attributed to inclement weather, including snow, ice or rain. In fact, there were 18 times as many accidents on dry roads than on slippery roads
  • Motorists were far more likely (8 times as likely, in fact) to strike a stationary object than to hit another car head-on
  • There were more accidents on Fridays in October than on all Sundays between April and June
  • Accidents are more likely to occur during the day
  • The older you are, the less likely you will be in an accident. All drivers over the age of 60 had fewer accidents than those between 16 and 20

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