There are thousands of commercial buildings and apartment complexes in Pennsylvania, and the owners of these buildings are responsible for maintaining the building’s various components.  As a building owner or property manager, it can be very difficult to ascertain which conditions, present on your property, may lead to an accident with injury.

One of the most common accidents is the traditional “slip and fall”.  Thousands of people slip and fall on stairs, rugs, debris, and curbs every year.  While some of these falls are due to the negligence of others, many of them are the result of simple human clumsiness.  Often times the slip and fall results in substantial injury that may prohibit the person from partaking in their usual activities or going to work.  When this happens it can be embarrassing to the injured person, so it is human nature to place the blame for an accident on a third party, often times the property owner.

As a property owner you may be liable for an injury suffered on your property if a dangerous condition existed and:

  • You (the property owner) or an employee caused the slippery/dangerous surface or item to be underfoot (by causing the spill, mopping the floor, causing the worn or torn surface, etc.); or
  • You or an employee knew of the dangerous surface but did nothing about it; or
  • You or an employee should have known about the dangerous surface because a “reasonable” person taking care of the property would have discovered and removed or repaired it.

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