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If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a truck or car accident in eastern Pennsylvania, it is possible you are owed considerable compensation for your pain, loss and medical expenses. Compensation following an accident most often comes from an insurance company. Insurance companies, though, don’t pay the compensation accident victims are owed without a fight.

Instead, insurers often hope to settle a claim quickly, before the injured person realizes the extent of his or her injuries and the full value of the claim, and before he or she contacts a personal injury attorney.

Don’t let insurers do you the “favor” of a quick — and low-value — settlement. Personal injury law involves complex legal processes, laws and medical information. It makes sense to contact a lawyer who has successfully handled numerous personal injury cases.

I am attorney W. Wayne Punshon and I have practiced law in Pennsylvania for over three decades. I am very familiar with the courtroom, having handled literally thousands of cases. When insurers and their attorneys try to save money at an injured person’s expense, I am ready for them.

I can investigate your accident, work with accident reconstructionists and other experts, and obtain medical care records that are essential for documenting your full injuries and their effects on your life. Injuries can lead to job loss, mobility impairment, pain, suffering and a range of other life-altering problems. I have successfully obtained high-value results for numerous injured clients.

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