Going to happy hour or dinner is a great way to stay connected with your friends, whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, promotion, marriage, or just to catch up; everyone enjoys relaxing after a long day, but many don’t consider the consequences of driving home after a few drinks.

When you’re out with friends it can be difficult to keep track of how many you’ve had, so when you drive home at the end of the night, you may be above the legal limit. In PA if you drink when your blood alcohol lever is above a certain level, you will be considered legally drunk and may be charged with a DUI:

  • Drivers age 21 or older are considered legally drunk when their blood alcohol level is .08 or higher
  • Drivers under age 21 are legally drunk when their blood alcohol content is .02 or more.
  • Drivers of commercial vehicles are legally drunk when their blood alcohol concentration is .04 percent or greater.

If you have been charged in a criminal matter relating to drunk driving, or with a DUI, attorney Wayne Punshon can help.

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