Information You Should Know about Your Rights Following an Arrest

Unlike comparatively clear-cut criminal charges such as a first-offense DUI charge, robbery and theft charges vary greatly. So do potential penalties. Why?

Alleged robbery and theft crimes vary greatly in circumstances. For instance, how much are the allegedly stolen items really worth? Who actually possesses them? Who stole them — the person currently in possession or another person? And if there was more than one person involved in an alleged crime, who did what?

Though each alleged theft crime varies greatly from another, prosecutors generally handle them in the same way. They tend to level the most serious charges possible, aggressively seek a conviction and stack on charges so that at least some charges will be left following any plea bargaining.

As prosecutors prepare your case, make sure you have qualified legal assistance on your side.

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Every case hinges on facts and evidence, and remember that the burden of proof is on prosecutors. I can thoroughly investigate your case and question police tactics and procedures, as well as probable cause and other issues to formulate the strongest possible defense. My track record includes countless successes in theft cases. To schedule your no-charge consultation, contact my firm online or by calling 610-565-8412.